Health & Safety

Direct Eight Australia is committed to provision of a safe and healthy workplace for all its workers
in accordance with national and international legal requirements.

We recognise and prioritize our responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all our workers and others who may be affected by our undertakings.

To achieve this, the Management and Staff of Direct Eight Australia are committed to ensuring that:

  1. Suitable and sufficient hazard and risk assessments are conducted and documented with appropriate controls in place.
  2. Workplaces are monitored and arrangement reviewed on a regular basis to minimize incidents and accidents.
  3. All equipment and tools provided for work purposes are maintained and kept in safe working conditions.
  4. Materials and methods used are reviewed and approved and do not affect the health and safety of the workers.
  5. A Health and Safety committee is established and fully functional.
  6. Workers are consulted in decision-making processes that affect the company’s OH&S performance.
  7. Workers are appropriately compensated in the unfortunate event of their health and/or safety being affected by our operations.
  8. The company complies with all applicable legal requirements on workplace health and safety.
  9. Our workers are adequately trained.