Direct Eight Australia recognizes and prioritizes its responsibility to protect and conserve the environment

Direct Eight Australia is committed to environmental protection through adoption of best environmental practices and pollution prevention in all our business operations.

We shall comply with all the applicable environmental legislation in our business operations.

As Direct Eight Australia, we are committed to achieve this and we intend to:

  1. Comply with all applicable legal requirements on environmental conservation and protection.
  2. Identify environmental aspects of our services and activities and put in place proportionate measures to address them.
  3. Adopt and implement environmentally friendly activities and materials in our service provision to minimize waste generation and pollution.
  4. Manage our waste properly to prevent environmental degradation.
  5. Educate, train and inform all our employees on environmental protection and empower them to actively contribute and participate.
  6. Implement and continually improve our Environmental Management System and environmental performance.