Our Technology

Are We Prepared For What Comes Next?

We understand the need to work with a cleaning company that is proactive and future-oriented. As a company, we know that bacteria and viruses can be hard to grab hold of. There are many points of exposure, which means that each situation requires a unique plan of attack.

We deal with our invisible enemies through skill and professionalism. Direct Eight Australia strives to be up to date with modern techniques and technologies, and we are always on the lookout for efficient solutions. We put our best foot forward because no other company can match our top-of-theline services when dealing with germs, infection, and disease.


It’s time for a change. It’s time to go paperless. At Direct Eight Australia, we decided to partner with CleanPlan in support of this change. Thanks to this reporting and communication management system, our cleaning professionals are equipped with a technologically advanced platform that helps us better serve you.

At Direct Eight, we buy you time

  • Grow Your Business
  • Exceed Client Expectations
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Thanks to CleanPlan, we’ve been able to improve our cleaning services and satisfy our valued clients’ needs. We’re able to collaborate with our frontline team to reduce downtime seamlessly.
  • We have an infoistrative team, whose main job is to monitor how fast the cleaning team completes their tasks and duties. Additionally, there’s an onsite supervisor to ensure everything goes as planned. Through regular site inspections, we can maintain high-quality service and optimum performance.
  • We appreciate your feedback! It allows us to garner insight on how to improve our services and your satisfaction. Through the CleanPlan reporting system, our customer support team can promptly respond to any concerns you might have. CleanPlan allows you to reach us with just one click.
  • The CleanPlan platform validates site related safe working methods statements (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), as well as material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  • CleanPlan allows Direct Eight Cleaning Company to manage our assets, as well as regularly update maintenance records. Investing and continually advancing our technology is essential in our digital age. Ready, set, clean. By investing in CleanPlan and other advanced cleaning technology, we ensure that your brand is protected.
  • CleanPlan allows you to know who your cleaning staff is, even before they enter your establishment. The Work Image Recognition (WIR) enables us to uphold transparency and accountability
  • CleanPlan has allowed us to establish a relationship of trust between our clients and us. Any additional cleaning requirements your establishment might require are also catered for. Technology helps us save you time and guarantee efficient services that give you superb value for your money.
  • We strive to provide our clients with invaluable communication channels to eliminate communication barriers. When you choose us, you don’t have to worry about compromised quality or hidden costs.

Direct Eight Australia is the Future

Having been in the cleaning industry for over 30 years, we understand that the only way to act is with boldness. We assume the responsibility that comes with helping your business achieve and maintain high hygiene standards that invoke safety.

We consider ourselves a mold for all businesses and believe that abstract thinking is the only way for a cleaning company to pave the way for future endeavors. All this is articulately expressed in our company’s programs, history, as well as our philosophy and business model.

Over the years, we have established a community that attests to feeling at home with us. We hope that you’ll find that reason enough to join our community of loyal clients. We value each of our clients and strive to establish partnerships that will stand the test of time.

Joining us allows us to use the resources at our disposal to change the world in our own small way. Whether you own an office complex, a restaurant, a health facility, or a factory, Direct Eight Cleaning Company has all the resources to keep your establishment clean and safe.