Our Services

Direct Eight Australia offers a comprehensive range of facility management services adaptable to any budget and designed to make your life easier.


Asset management

We specialise in management of Plants and Equipments, Lifts & Escalators, Plumbing Services, Electrical Service, Fire Safety Services, Landscaping, Garden Management, Pest control Services and Minor Repairs

Waste Management

Direct Eight Australia are experts in the collection, transport and processing of general waste for commercial and industrial businesses. We work with our customers to understand their waste needs and provide the right solution for their business


Integrated Security Services - offer time-saving and cost-efficient security solutions that we tailor to fit the security needs of your business.investing in technology installed at the customer's site.

Washroom and Hygiene Services

Integrated hygiene solutions designed to accommodate your business and give you peace of mind that your premises are hygienically safe. We install and maintain hygiene solutions, manage consumables and sanitary waste.

High Touch Points

All surfaces identified as frequently touched and at risk of contamination are cleaned using proven effective methods and will contain acceptable levels of organic and/or microbial soil after cleaning.

Spot Clean

All recent, isolated, highly visible and easily removable marks, debris and spillages are removed from the building surface using approved cleaning methods.

Full Clean

All recent, isolated, highly visible and easily removable marks, debris and spillages are removed from the building surface using approved cleaning methods.

Deep Clean

All ingrained soil, marks and stains, are thoroughly cleaned from within the surface fabric, crevices and grout lines, using approved penetrating substances, heat and/or mechanical agitation.

Restorative Maintenance

An approved sealant, polish or mechanical process, will be fully and evenly applied, restoring and preserving the lustre and/or integrity of the surface, using processes that are designed to prevent damage and residual build-up.

Restorative Maintenance

  • High Pressure Washing
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Strip, Seal and Polish of Hard Floor Surfaces
  • Window Cleaning
  • Machine Scrubbing



At Direct Eight Australia, our approach to KPI stems from our continuous focus on:






And we achieve this through

we care


Our sustainable cleaning programme uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods, products, and equipment that make it easy for you to protect your employees and clients' health—without harming the environment. We’ll collaborate with you to define facility management programmes that work best for your property and create efficient processes to reduce overall costs throughout your facility.

As Direct Eight Australia, we are committed to achieve this and we intend to:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements on environmental conservation and protection.
  • Identify environmental aspects of our services and activities and put in place proportionate measures to address them.
  • Adopt and implement environmentally friendly activities and materials in our service provision to minimize waste generation and pollution.
  • Manage our waste properly to prevent environmental degradation.
  • Educate, train and inform all our employees on environmental protection and empower them to actively contribute and participate.
  • Implement and continually improve our Environmental Management System and environmental performance.
we care


Direct Eight Australia is committed to provision of a safe and healthy workplace for all its workers in accordance with national and international legal requirements.

To achieve this, the Management and Staff of Direct Eight Australia are committed to ensuring that:

  • Suitable and sufficient hazard and risk assessments are conducted and documented with appropriate controls in place.
  • Workplaces are monitored and arrangement reviewed on a regular basis to minimize incidents and accidents.
  • All equipment and tools provided for work purposes are maintained and kept in safe working conditions.
  • Materials and methods used are reviewed and approved and do not affect the health and safety of the workers.
  • A Health and Safety committee is established and fully functional.
  • Workers are consulted in decision-making processes that affect the company’s OH&S performance.
  • Workers are appropriately compensated in the unfortunate event of their health and/or safety being affected by our operations.
  • The company complies with all applicable legal requirements on workplace health and safety.
  • Our workers are adequately trained.